Restorative Dentistry Rockville

Renew Your Smile for a Healthier Future

Smiling man in dental chair for restorative dentistry in Rockville

Dental damage, decay, and infection are relatively common, resulting in issues that can extend from your teeth to the rest of your body. With restorative dentistry in Rockville, Dr. Partovi and our team can renew your smile so that you can feel better today and about your future. Offering customized dental crowns, tooth-colored fillings, and full mouth reconstruction, we can provide what it is you need to enjoy a healthy, functional smile again.

Why Choose Susan Partovi, DDS, PC for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Lifelike Materials Used to Repair Broken/Decayed Teeth
  • Enhanced Digital Imaging for Improved Accuracy & Results
  • Dentist with More Than 30 Years of Experience

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Illustrated teeth with white fillings

When cavities form, the most logical form of treatment is to provide a dental filling. Although these were once made only of metal amalgam, advancements in dentistry now make it possible to place tooth-colored fillings for a more pleasing aesthetic. Strong and long-lasting, these composite resin fillings not only allow you to keep more of your natural tooth but also create a seamless appearance that makes it impossible for anyone to notice your dental work.

Dental Crowns

Illustrated dental crown being fitted over a tooth

Severe tooth damage that cannot be repaired with a dental filling requires a more complex form of treatment. Customized dental crowns created by skilled lab technicians can fit over compromised enamel, offering maximum protection while restoring the look of the smile. At the dental office of Dr. Susan Partovi, we are pleased to use Emax, zirconia, and porcelain materials to create these long-lasting, natural-looking solutions.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Close up of person smiling with flawless white teeth

When tooth damage and decay are so complex that not one particular treatment is enough to fix everything, our team may suggest full mouth reconstruction. After examining your smile and determining which services are most beneficial, we will craft a treatment plan that will combine multiple procedures into one seamless experience. You can expect that your treatment will produce beautiful results and renew your health and appearance at the same time.